The library is open daily from 8.00am to 4.00pm

All students become members of the library, which enables them access to a wide range of resources: books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, CDs, and textbooks.

The library also stocks a variety of reasonably priced stationery, including ‘exam ready’ pencil cases which can be paid for on Parent Pay.

The Cloud-based Libresoft Library Management System uses a card recognition system to identify pupils. This allows the pupil to borrow and return books easily. This speeds up the loan process and ensures that there is less chance of mistakes being made.  Fingerprints are not stored on the system, and it is not possible to create an image of a finger from the information stored in the library system.

Check out Libresoft here:

WGSB Libresoft

Students can log in to the site by typing in their barcode number (see librarian) and entering the password in the following format:

For a student called Peter Smith: 390chPeSm


In 2017 we introduced the exciting reading programme ‘Accelerated Reader’ which is being used by Year 7 & 8, and a trial group of Year 9, 10 & 11 students. Each child completes a computerised test which provides them with a personalised reading range (e.g. 4.6-9.4) based on their comprehension of vocabulary. From this they are encouraged to read books within their range, starting at the lowest level and working up. Parents can view their child’s progress by logging into ‘Renaissance Home Connect’: 

Any students wishing to quiz a book that they have completed should use the following link:


Students will know their own Log In and Password for ‘Accelerated Reader Home Connect’ but you should receive a letter containing this information.

The library budget is supplemented by a variety of methods such as; running the Scholastic Book Club so that pupils have a chance to buy discounted books, and selling new & nearly new books at a very reasonable price. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. To find details of how to place orders see the link on:

The preferred method of payment is online.

Every March is World Book Day, and students are given a £1 book token. This can be redeemed against specially produced World Book day books available in the library, or against the cost of a book from the book club, or at reputable book sellers.

Once a year the new intake is asked to participate in a sponsored ReadForGood with all proceeds going to a number of children’s hospitals & charities. Not only is this a great way to raise funds for vulnerable children but it helps to encourage and foster reading. The current Year 7 have just started and those now in Year 8 raised £1646.84 and will be receiving House Points, certificates & prizes for all their efforts. Once again, the preferred method of payment is online, direct to Read for Good, or with a cheque made out them.

Since the government have ceased funding for ‘Boys Into Books’ (now Bookbuzz), our PTA have covered the cost of providing each of our Year 7 students with a free book. The scheme has been extended to include books for Year 8 students at a cost of £3.00/book. You can see the 2019 choice of books here:

Using the Library

  • The Library is staffed by Ms Fisk and Library Prefects who are on hand for any enquiries.
  • Year 7-10 may borrow up to 4 books for 4 weeks whilst Year 11 may borrow 6.
  • WG6 students may borrow up to 8 books for 4 weeks.
  • Books can be renewed at the Circulation Desk or online once students know their log in details.

Fines: At the WGSB library we encourage you to be responsible for items you borrow therefore you will be fined 5p per day if you don’t return your books on time.

Induction: All Year 7s follow a library induction programme enabling them to learn how to use the library for research, develop reading habits and become confident library users thus supporting their future studies. It is hoped that this can also be used with WG6 students who have not come through the WGSB system.‹


  • The Library has over 10,000 books, over 3,500 fiction and 7,000 non-fiction.
  • Dedicated library catalogue computers, although the library can be accessed from any school or home computer. If students log in they can view their library account, make reservations and renew loans. To find out log in details see the Librarian.
  • Magazines such as FourFourTwo, Top Gear, National Geographic, Computer Active.
  • 12 Journals including New Scientist which support the A Level and GCSE curriculum.
  • The Times, The Telegraph, The I, daily newspapers.
  • DVDs on short term loan.


E Books and Digital Audio Books

We encourage the use of digital resources in the library and can highly recommend the Kent Libraries website. They have a huge range of e books and audio books which are free to all Kent Library users. These resources can be downloaded onto the OverDrive app which is compatible with many mobile tablets, e-readers, PCs and other devices.