Endeavour MAT

Wilmington Grammar School for Boys is part of Endeavour MAT, which has its own website to explain the overall strategic Trust structure. At local level however, each school has its own Local Governing Body (LGB).

Local Governing Body

David strachanThe Scheme of Delegation for the LGB can be accessed here. The LGB has an important role to play in ensuring the strategic priorities of the MAT are implemented and is keen to ensure that every student should be given the opportunity to achieve the highest standards possible, both educationally and in terms of personal development during their time at the school.  The LGB closely monitors and supports the Head Teacher and the rest of the school’s leadership team to ensure they promote and set high expectations in all aspects of their work.  They test the school’s improvement planning and self-evaluation via termly full LGB meetings. All departments are required to produce their own evaluation of progress and achievement which informs their future planning.   As a responsible LGB the perceived outcomes of the whole school and each department is then cross referenced against external data and other information to ensure that the highest possible education is provided to all of our students.

As Chair of Governors I am proud to say that we have a committed and enthusiastic LGB comprised of people from diverse backgrounds whose concern is to ensure that the school is a safe and supportive environment for all.  We take our responsibility for safeguarding students very seriously and ensure that all the core social beliefs including equality, cultural, spiritual awareness, supporting our families and community are continually monitored.

Our own self-evaluation using data from RAISE online/ ASP, parental and student feedback together with what we observe in the classrooms and around the school supports our belief that Wilmington Grammar School for Boys offers a high quality education focused around the students.

Mr D Strachan

Chair of LGB and Trustee of Endeavour MAT

Governing Body

Mr D Strachan (Chair of LGB and Trustee of Endeavour MAT)

Mr Strachan, an ex-pupil of Wilmington Grammar School for Boys, has been a Governor of WGSB in excess of 20 years and is Chair of the Local Governing Body.  Mr Strachan is also a Trustee of the Endeavour Multi Academy Trust.  Other governor responsibilities include being the Chair at a local primary School, St Paul's CEP, Swanley Village.  Mr Strachan has lived locally for many years and is able to supplement his educational experience with his local knowledge which can be invaluable in the role of Governing a local school.

Mrs K White

Mrs White is a newly appointed Parent Governor.

Mr R Reed

Mr Reed joined the Governing Body in 1996 for four years and again in 2001 to date. Mr Reed retired from Westminster City Council as an Assistant Service Manager and brings considerable expertise with regards to business management, licensing, health and safety and acoustics to the governing body. He received a lifetime achievement award from the Noise Abatement Society in 2012 for his work in noise control.

Mrs T Burleigh

Mrs Burleigh has been a Community Governor since 2011. Mrs Burleigh spent 13 years as a Headteacher at a Kent secondary school before retiring in the summer of 2011. Naturally with this experience Mrs Burleigh is an asset to the governing body as a whole.  In particular, Mrs Burleigh is responsible for the quality assurance of the Headteacher’s achievement analysis of school data. Mrs Burleigh also works currently on a Young Offenders’ board and is involved in other local childrens’ charities. 

Mr P Riches

Mr Riches is the Head of Humanities and has been teaching Geography at WGSB since 1993.  Mr Riches has been a Staff Governor since 2011. Mr Riches is highly respected by his colleagues and well known for his commitment and pride in the school.  Mr Riches provides a compassionate voice for the staff within the governing body.

Mr S Baker

Mr Baker has been teaching Design & Technology at WGSB since 2009 and joined the Governing body in October 2017.

Mr J Cox

Mr Cox was appointed as a Community Governor in 2017 and as an accountant with extensive experience working in academy conversions and MAT start- ups, has been a valuable asset to Endeavour MAT over the past year.  Mr Cox is also a Member of Endeavour MAT, charged with the guardianship of the Trust’s vision and value

Mrs S Kenney

Mrs Kenney was elected Parent Governor in September 2017.

Mr C Guthrie Mr Guthrie is Head Teacher and joined the Local Governing Body September 2018


Wilmington Grammar School for Boys is part of Endeavour MAT. For Trust level information please visit: