Uniform & Equipment

School uniform is to be worn by all students whilst at school and during journeys to and from School and on other school occasions.  Blazers must normally be worn at all times, unless a teacher gives permission for it to be removed, a blue v-neck jumper (available from the official school outfitter, see below) may be worn underneath.  Hooded tops and cardigans are not allowed.  Shirts should be tucked in trousers at all times and all the buttons should remain fastened, the appropriate house tie must be worn and should be knotted at the neck and the tie should rest on the belt-line.  Staff will not allow students into their lessons until they are looking smart and will ensure they look well presented when they leave.

Items marked * should be purchased through the School’s official outfitter, SchoolShop, www.school-shop.co.uk. They are a completely online service that deliver directly to you, with the ability to order online 24/7 at your convenience.

Uniform List

Years 7-11

  • Navy blue singled-breasted blazer (with the school badge on the breast pocket)*
  • House tie*
  • Plain white shirt
  • Black leather shoes with a black hard sole
  • Plain dark grey/charcoal trousers
  • Navy blue V-necked pullover *
  • Dark socks
  • Outdoor coats: these should not be bulky as they are to be stored in the owner’s locker during the school day.


Student's hair must be in a style and of a length that reflects the professional and academic nature of the school.  Haircuts and styles should be moderate and should not cover the student's eyes. Hair should not be bleached, tinted or shaved in any way.  Facial hair in the form of beards and moustaches is not permitted in Years 7 - 11 and may only be of a short and smart appearance in the Sixth Form.  The wearing of jewellery is forbidden.

PE Kit

  • Sports T-Shirt*
  • Sports Shorts*
  • ¼ Zip Training Top*
  • Sports Trousers*
  • Sports Long Socks*
  • White socks
  • Trainers
  • Football/rugby boots
  • Shinpads
  • Mouth guard

Protective Clothing

A laboratory coat must be provided for practical work in Science and Technology. This can be purchased either via the official school outfitters (see above) or from other retailers.  An overall (possibly in the form of an old long-sleeved shirt) is needed for Art.


Students are asked to have their own writing equipment

  • Pen (with spare cartridge, if applicable)
  • Pencils (HB, 2B and 2H)
  • 30cm ruler
  • Eraser
  • Set of coloured pencils
  • Protractor (preferably not the type with cut-out sections)
  • Pair of compasses
  • Lined paper.


We recommend the Casio Scientific Calculator fx-83GT Plus.  This item is available from the School at a cost of £9.00 (please note this may be subject to change).  Please purchase these via the School’s ParentPay system. It is an advantage if all students have the same model.

Nearly New Uniform Shop – Now Open on the school premises

The Second Hand Uniform shop is run by the PTA and we’re here to help. We sell all uniform and PE kit items for you to purchase.  If you require any items please email the PTA.

You can also help by donating any outgrown uniform, please send it to the school office marked for the attention of the PTA.

If you wish to purchase any items contact the PTA via: pta@wgsb.co.uk



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