WGSB Life Programme

CvcvAt Wilmington Grammar School for Boys we are committed to develop, educate, support and nurture students through, not only their academic life but also to prepare them for their futures. Responsibility is shared between the student themselves, parents and carers, the school and the wider community. Ensuring that students are aware of the many social decisions they will have to make is a complicated and often very subjective and difficult process.

We have a number of structures that help us educate students, so that they are aware of the many issues that face them in their present and future lives. Our job is to, in some way, prepare them for their futures.

‘LIFE’ is a project aiming to support, nurture and educate our students so that they are aware, and responsible for their own outcomes in many different ways. Qualifications are not the only outcome for a student, there are hundreds, if not thousands of different outcomes that students face in our modern society. Our job is now more complicated than it has ever been, the influences on our students are more numerous than they were 10 years ago and considerably more than they were 30 years ago.

Our Life Sessions provide a safe environment to discuss a range of (sometimes sensitive) issues, to offer guidance and support and ensure that everyone's view and opinion can be heard.  This approach ensures that we learn from each other and respect all viewpoints.

We have a number of areas in school that we focus on to ensure a wider perspective:

  • PSHE (personal, Social, Health Education)
  • SMSC (Spiritual, Moral Social and Cultural Development)
  • Careers
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Pastoral education

These five areas are the corner stone of our pastoral education, hoping to develop their spiritual, moral, physical, social and cultural wellbeing.

‘LIFE’ is about bring these elements together so that students can reflect on the education they receive inside and outside of school. They can use the LIFE document that will support them when they go to higher education interviews or the next step in their life journey, a moral CV.

Students in Years 7-13 will complete the LIFE journey, along the way they will reflect on the many issues they have faced through their school career and the various ways in which we have supported them to become who they are.

LIFE Structure

There five main areas to ‘LIFE’, PSHE, SMSC, Careers, Extra-curricular activity and Pastoral responsibility.

Each term, each year group will have a number of tasks that are age specific that they need to complete. Students will need to complete a task in each of the 5 areas of LIFE, or if they are more motivated they can complete multiple tasks.

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