Our Vision and Values

Wilmington Grammar School for Boys is a safe and inclusive environment. We raise aspirations and expectations across a richly diverse community.  Through an ambitious, creative and forward-thinking curriculum we nurture and develop individuals who demonstrate and understand the traditional values of Personal Excellence, Respect, Innovation and Creativity, Determination and Equality for All. With a bespoke personal development programme, we reach beyond the classroom: we take every available opportunity to broaden horizons, raise ambitions and make a positive difference to the world around us.

Personal Excellence is an aspiration for all students in order to fulfil their potential. This is achieved in WGSB by providing a personalised and appropriate curriculum with high quality teaching and learning opportunities and the setting, monitoring and support of challenging but realistic personal targets. WGSB encourages whole child enrichment and will provide varied opportunities and dedicated support for students to develop their individual personal skills and talents.

Respect & Friendship is the foundation of the cheerful and secure culture that exists at WGSB. Students, staff and all who represent the school community will be expected to value and care for themselves and each other.  Students will learn about and experience a variety of historical and contemporary spiritual, cultural and religious beliefs. The school community will actively support those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We are proud of the harmony which exists amongst our multi-cultural intake.

Innovation & Creativity are two of the key core attributes that determine an outstanding performance in our modern society. WGSB will continually strive to develop and improve the highest quality of learning that it can provide for its students by introducing appropriate, outstanding, educational practice from national and international sources. Students in turn will be provided with many opportunities to develop and demonstrate their own innovation and enquiry skills, leadership, self-reflection and creativity throughout their school career.

Determination is a characteristic that will develop self-belief and the resolve to succeed. The determination of WGSB to provide an outstanding educational experience to its students can only be matched by the fortitude of those same students to utilise the opportunity.

Equality for all WGSB will ensure provision is made for the same high quality education irrespective of ability, age, gender, race or religion.  Students will be expected to demonstrate the same ethics themselves.