Regular and punctual attendance is an essential prerequisite for effective learning. It is also an important habit that needs to be embedded to be successful in adult life. WGSB has a very good record of student attendance which is annually around 95%. The vast majority of parents are highly supportive of the school in ensuring that their children attend school regularly.

If a child is absent from school without appropriate reason, as well as being deprived of the educational opportunities which we have to offer them, they are at much greater risk of subsequently becoming socially excluded and disadvantaged. In supporting the clear wish of our community, WGSB will take every action possible to promote good attendance, monitor student attendance and punctuality and inform parents. The school will challenge but at the same time support families where school attendance is being identified as an issue.

If a student’s attendance rate was to fall as low as 80%, then they will be recorded as a persistent absentee, which in itself will trigger formal monitoring and intervention procedures.

If your child will be absent from school

We do of course recognise that students will occasionally not be able to attend school, most commonly for sickness. If you decide to keep your child at home please phone the school by 8.00am that morning and importantly every morning thereafter. (01322 223090 press option 1)

On their return to school, please provide a signed note authorising your child’s absence which they should hand in to their form tutor. If your child is absent for 5 days continuously, then please contact the Head of Year to inform them of the situation in more detail. The school will do all it can to support parents when necessary including providing resources for learning at home if required.

If you wish to make a request in advance for your child to be absent from school, this should be made in writing to the Head Teacher at the earliest opportunity. Each one will be assessed on individual merit and a reply will be posted as soon as possible stating whether the request has been authorised or not.