Mr Mark Baker

Assistant Head Teacher - Teaching Learning and Assessment

Senior Leadership

Mr Mark Baker leads by example in the classroom with a creative and innovative approach to his lessons. He has been a member of the school since 2004 and has consistently achieved excellent examination results along with positively contributing to the wider life and ethos of the school through his committed approach to providing sporting and extracurricular opportunities for all students. Mr Baker fell in love with snowboarding when he was invited on a school trip in 2005 and after a few practice sessions, a few bumps and some epic falls along the way he has never looked back! He became school snowsports party leader in 2010 and has led trips to some amazing resorts in Europe and the USA.   After 12 years Mr Baker has enjoyed over 25 trips, some with the school, others with friends and family.  Mr Baker explains ‘ the feeling that you get from trying something new, repeatedly failing and finally getting it right is like no-other’.  Mr Baker is an expert snowboarder and huge advocate for the sport … so if you’re thinking of going skiing or snowboarding, you know where to come for advice and tips!