Curriculum Support, Clubs & Societies

Wilmington Grammar School for Boys offers students a number of opportunities to develop skills and gain experiences outside of the normal curriculum.  There is a great breadth of extra-curriculum subjects and activities offered by WGSB teaching staff or via visiting personnel.  Additionally, staff schedule regular revision sessions for those nearing exams.  Further activities will be added as they become available.

Enrichment Week Activities for 2020 (dates in July TBC) include: Adrenaline Seekers, Artists, Code Breakers, Cooking, Squash Beginners, Squash Intermediate, Tennis, Video Game Design, Digital and Wearable Art, Study Buddy, Sustainable Futures, Roller Coasters, Sweded Movies, Cricket Badgers and Games Coding.  

Overview of Curriculum Support & Clubs

  Mon Tues Weds Thur Fri

Science Support EVERY break & lunchtime all welcome

Building Design Support

Food Tech Support

Music Support EVERY lunchtime & 07:45-08:30 all welcome

Ukulele Club - all welcome

Warhammer Club 

English Support EN1 13:00-13:45 all welcome 

Hist/Gov & Pol 13:00-13:40 all welcome

Electronics Support

Biomedical & Bio Chemical Society

French Support all welcome

Geography KS3

RS Support

Christian Union

Computer Science 13:10-13:40 all welcome

Art Club - all welcome

Band Practice see Mr Palmer for more info




Art Club - all welcome

Music Technology - all welcome

Film Club KS3 only

Reading Club

After School

Badmiinton Club

Fitness Suite in the Gym

German Support LA1 15:30-16:30 all welcome

Geography Support Y11 15:30-16:30

Computer Science 15:30-16:30 all welcome

Business & Economics 15:30-16:30 

Music GCSE Support 15:30-16:30

Y7/8/9 Rugby Training


Badminton Club

Maths Support 15:30-17:00 all welcome MA4

Spanish Support all welcome 15:30-16:30

Geography Support Y10 &11 15:30-16:30

Art Support 15:30-16:30 PLUS EVERY morning 07:45-08:30

Gardening Club

Fitness Suite - Gym

Badminton Club GCSE only


Spanish Support all welcome 15:30-16:30

Badminton Club