Endeavour Mindset for WGSB

Our motto is ‘forward thinking, traditional values’ and we strive to ensure that the best of the past is harnessed, developed and adapted to meet the changing requirements of the competitive, global world in which we now operate.

At WGSB, we recognise that our students need to be reflective and embrace challenges, to learn from mistakes and develop the resilience to seek continual improvement. This growth approach can lead to a happy and fulfilling school life and a willingness to accept change. It nurtures learners who value critique, support each other and feel empowered to drive their own learning.

Students in Year 7 receive discrete Endeavour Mindset lessons to prepare them to be valuable members of the global community and to develop a productive approach to learning. We expect all of our students to be reflective, resilient, resourceful, respectful and responsible.  Our students value diversity and support one another through challenges.

We hope that all of our students will inspire others through their strong values and committed work ethic.