Some students are unable to walk to school because they live too far away.  Use of cars to transport children to and from school is discouraged in view of the congestion caused on the roads in the vicinity of the schools, and parents or other adults are not allowed to drive on to the school premises to deliver and pick up their children at the start and finish of the school day.

Parents should try to ensure that students know their own way to and from school by public transport should this ever be necessary.

For further information on the main transport options please log on to the following:

Bus to school with Arriva - Wilmington Schools

North Kent Schools Transport

Bus Routes from Bexleyheath

Please note:  Wilmington Grammar School for Boys take no part in the organising of transport to the school and kindly request that you contact the above companies directly as we will be very unlikely to be able to answer your queries.


Buses serving Wilmington Schools from September 2020

KCC has arranged for an extra bus to be provided (morning & afternoon) for the busiest journey on each of services 3, 4 & 34 (1st Bus Stop), 429 (Go-Coach) and 423 & 477 (Arriva, but these extra buses will be operated by The King’s Ferry).

The latest timetables are attached (in the case of Arriva & TfL 601) or can be found on the links below for 1st Bus Stop and Go-Coach.

Arriva has just re-launched its national website and mobile phone app and appear to be having technical problems with both, so we have attached copies of the latest timetables that have been supplied to us for you to refer to until this has been resolved. We understand that Arriva buses (including some of the duplicates) that are designated for schoolchildren only will run with an “S” prefix to the service number until further notice, although other buses will also allow children to use them if they wish.

Transport for London 601 has increased the number of buses on this route.

1st Bus Stop - updated to the most recent change in November 2019 (please disregard the references to sept-18 and sept-19 in the URLs):




Go-Coach - Please note that the extra Dart D1 journey diverted to serve Wilmington on Wednesday afternoons will no longer run as this was rarely used in practice up to last March.



429:  (main service)

and  (Wednesday afternoons)

Please see timetable documents below.


Page Documents Date  
TfL - 601 03rd Sep 2020 Download
Arriva - 477 03rd Sep 2020 Download
Arriva - 423 03rd Sep 2020 Download
Arriva - 414 03rd Sep 2020 Download