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Posted on: 15/10/2020

To receive good news at any time is welcome, to receive good news in the current climate is particularly heartening, especially when it concerns the positive and caring actions of our students. 

Kirsty Doubleday, of YMCA Thames Gateway got in touch to make me aware of the achievements during lockdown of two of our students, she wrote;

“Alex P spent a lot of time helping to shop for, coordinate, pack and deliver Happiness Hampers to families in the Woolwich and Dartford areas who had been nominated by our teams and local schools as needing some additional help throughout this time. The hampers included food and hygiene products, educational and craft supplies and treats to make this time as bearable as possible for the families. Alex also decided to raise funds for YMCA Thames Gateway by taking part in a 26-element circuit session as part of the 2.6 Challenge and, with his brother, raised £146 for our work as he could see first-hand the difference we make to peoples’ lives. He continues to visit an elderly couple in the Dartford area who are struggling with isolation compounded by illness.

Elliot D donated some of his birthday money to support some of the work we are doing in the local community. We thought this was such a lovely gesture and the money will help us continue supporting more vulnerable young people locally.  We were hoping to hold a presentation evening in our local centre however with current restrictions this is not possible. We wondered if you might be able to help us thank Alex and Elliot by presenting them with a certificate and badge as a token of our appreciation. We would of course be able to drop this off to the school if this is possible. We are very grateful to Alex and Elliot for their efforts throughout this time and their contribution to our work is very much appreciated.”

A senior member of the YMCA recorded a personal ‘thank you’ message which can viewed on YouTube here

Pictured, Alex (top) and Elliot receiving their awards!



Congratulations to those of our Y13 students who successfully completed their TEFL Teaching qualification, to teach English as a foreign language.  These fully accredited courses provide a valuable new skill and opportunity to teach overseas .. or online! 

Maddie S commented “TEFL has been a great opportunity to learn new skills and it is particularly special to me as I wish to teach abroad in the future”

Ruby K added “TEFL was an enjoyable experience which has developed my abilities whilst also giving me a useful qualification”


Student Games & Activities request!  As you know, school classrooms and recreational space are split into designated year group ‘bubbles’.  As the weather becomes more changeable, our students will inevitably spend more time in their form rooms.  We’d like to encourage them to take part in board games or puzzle activities to challenge themselves, and each other, with fun and engaging, social activities.  Can you help?  If you have any card or board games that you are willing to donate we would be very grateful.  If you have anything suitable, please could you ask your son or daughter to drop them into reception.  We anticipate they will be a very welcome addition to rainy break and lunch times!


Year 12 WG6 Physics students have been investigating the effect of initial speed on stopping distance.  Their aim was to identify and graph the relationship between speed and stopping distance, then compare their results with published data.


You may remember that Joel of 9S shared news of the hedgehog and her hoglets that he discovered in his garden during lockdown.  Well, it transpired that Bernie the hedgehog actually had four hoglets and Joel and his family spent evenings during the summer watching them in their garden and via a wildlife camera which captured wonderful footage of their night-time activities.  Joel edited together all of his favourite clips and made them into a film.  Joel sent the film to Chris Packham, wildlife TV presenter and conservationist, who broadcasts a weekly nature show with his stepdaughter from his home in the New Forest.  To the family’s delight, Chris featured the film in his show on 9th October.  The presenters were clearly delighted with the footage, with Chris commenting; “Absolutely fantastic, what a great story.”

Click on the link below to see the programme .. Joel’s film is introduced at 19 minutes in.


Introducing the new NELFT young people’s wellbeing Instagram account.

The NELFT provide mental health and community health services for communities across London, Essex, Kent and Medway and have just launched a new Instagram account aimed at young people within our services and their peers which can be found at @kentandmedwaycamhs.  The new channel has been set up to help us better support and communicate with young people who might be struggling with their mental health or wellbeing. We want to raise awareness and understanding of various wellbeing challenges and empower young people to feel more in control of their own mental health.

Below are some of the key aims we have for the account:

• Improving service awareness

• Helping young people to build positive relationships with social media

• Improving participation and young people’s involvement in service improvements

• Increasing young people’s emotional resilience

• Removing the stigma around receiving mental health treatment

In addition to all the support and advice on offer there will be opportunities for young people to get involved with creating content, directing content and approving recommended resources.  To find out more, please see below.



Year 11 Mock examinations commence 16th November.

Best wishes,


Charlie Guthrie

Head Teacher





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