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Posted on: 05/03/2020

A new club - The Debating Society.  Each Monday lunchtime student members gather to debate a pre-arranged topic.  This week a student judging panel reviewed two opposing sides debating “Should we be doing homework?” Both sides presented strong and articulate arguments to support their viewpoint.  Our judges found in favour of the opposing team saying that despite the fact that their personal view was in favour of homework, the opposition presented a mature and considered argument, using well sourced research to support their viewpoint.  Several members of staff were present and were impressed by the number of students who attended, and commented that the speakers did a brilliant job.  Club leads and moderators Dr Harris and Mr Dent circulate the agreed topics ahead of the group meeting to allow time for the groups to prepare and appoint speakers.



Year 10 GCSE Chemistry students have been predicting and testing for the products of electrolysis.  In this required practical, students used a direct current to separate a solution into its component elements.



Year 9 Physics students have been learning about the National Grid, which included creating these brilliant models which demonstrate understanding of the different components in the process of providing homes and businesses with electricity.



A selection of the finished models.



Year 9 Artists have been developing their Cartoon Projects.  Paying attention to stylistic type and shading techniques students have made an original piece based on an existing character before moving on to develop a cartoon character of their own design.



A Level WG6 Art students visited the Emmanuel Conference Centre in Central London to take part in the TTP conference “Art in Action”. These were a series of undergraduate lectures from contemporary artists discussing how they create their art work and the concepts supporting them. Students took part in a Q&A session with the artists, hosted by the TV presenter Pascal Anson.

Students were particularly enthralled by the presentations by leading artist and photographer Simon Norfolk whose work is internationally recognised and who has won multiple awards. He uses the lens to explore life’s big questions including the effect of conflict upon people, society and the natural environment. Turner Prize winning artist Cornelia Parker also presented her installation work to the students and explained how she transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary in her work. One of Britain’s leading portrait artists Stuart Pearson-Wright presented his work and discussed his methods and the inspiration behind each painting and he also took time to speak with art students at the end of the lecture. A superb day was had by all and the A Level Art students learned new strategies and ways with which to approach their own art work.


Below, photographer Simon Norfolk images.  Further information can be found here


Below, Cornelia Parker OBE installation art, for more information please click here


Images by portrait artist Stuart Pearson Wright, more info please click here


Congratulations to Daniel B of Y12 who competed in the Kent County swimming relays for Bexley Swimming Club Crystal Palace. They won the silver medal in the 4x100m freestyle then went on to win the gold medal in the 4x100 medley with Daniel swimming the fly leg.

An amazing team effort as well as a great individual achievement for Daniel


JB and Me is a charitable trust that offers help and support to those most in need in the darkest days after losing a child within a family.
Their aim is to target these families and offer support and help where needed, in the Dartford area.  We are hosting a charitable event at WGSB on this coming Saturday – all are welcome.  For more details concerning the charity and their work in the local area please click here


Best wishes,


Charlie Guthrie


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