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Posted on: 10/01/2020

Happy New Year - a new year and a new decade!  Wilmington Grammar School for Boys has started 2020 refreshed and with renewed vigour as we begin Term 3.  However, the wider news is more mixed with many international political and environmental issues giving us cause for concern as we look to our governments and communities for action plans and solutions going forward.  In many small ways we as a school community can contribute to that solution, with continued engagement and involvement in political issues as well as the creation of environmental activities at home and on our school site.  Our School Council provides a forum for ideas and schemes and the Environmental Group, Teaching & Learning Group and Fundraising Group will be discussing potential plans with the whole school over a series of assemblies. 

During this week’s assemblies we watched a talk delivered by Space Environmentalist, Moriba Jah via the platform TED.  TED is a worldwide community which shares ideas in the form of short powerful talks.  Moriba studies and predicts the speed and position of debris (old satellites, rockets and other man-made debris) in space.  This is a fascinating project which Moriba is planning to develop the world’s first crowdsourced space traffic monitoring system with his ultimate goal being to make space safe, secure and sustainable. 

As we prepare for the future, we must all consider the environmental issues within every career path and industry we go into, whether it be architecture or law; environmental impact should be central to all business development and decision making.

To find out more about TED click here



Y11 GCSE Physics students investigated Hookes Law; the relationship between the force on a spring and its extension.  Using the equation F = k x e and analysis of the data gathered, students were able to calculate the spring constant of the spring.



Year 9 Physics students have been investigating types of resisters during a practical lesson (fixed and variable).  Students tested Light Dependent Registers and Thermistors, gathering readings at different temperatures and plotting their results on a graph to determine resistance against temperature.




Jack Green, from Kent, is a sprint athlete who specialises in the 400m, as well as the hurdles.  During his career Jack has secured medals at both the World and European Championships as well as being part of the GB Olympics team.  Jack speaks openly about mental wellbeing, having taken time out from competing to improve his mental health and manage his depression.  In addition to his sporting career Jack now shares his experiences with other young people, encouraging them to be open in communication about mental wellbeing and to learn strategies for understanding and resilience.  During an extremely candid and inspiring talk Jack spoke with our WG6 students on the subject of mental health care, using his own experiences to offer insight and share coping mechanisms. 


House Cup update.  As we start Term 3 Newton House are currently in the lead with 950 points!  However, July is a long way off and there are plenty of opportunities to earn valuable points for your House via inter-house competitions, academic achievement and involvement in the school community.  This week, inter-house competitions include dodge ball, chess, tug-of-war and escape room.


Year 9 Options Evening has been scheduled for 15th January at 6.30pm.  This event is an opportunity to receive information about the GCSE courses offered as well as guidance and further subject information from teachers who will be on hand to discuss courses with you and your son.  You will also be provided with a copy of our Options Booklet.  For more information and to confirm your attendance please refer to the letter on our correspondence page here

WG6 Business Studies & Economics students are making their final preparations ahead of their Trip to New York on Saturday 15th February.   Mr Colledge’s presentation detailing the full itinerary and important travel information can be found on our website under Presentations by clicking here.

Please note that our Year 13 students begin their PPA examinations on Monday.  Examinations run from Monday 13th January to Monday 20th January (Art 20th-22nd January).  All students will be off-timetable for the duration of the exams but are encouraged to attend school to finalise their revision where teaching staff will be on hand to offer support.  Normal timetabled lessons resume on Tuesday 21st January.  Please click here for the examination timetable.

On a final note, Mrs Denise Jackman will be retiring at Easter and we are currently advertising for a replacement - a tall order indeed.  We will update you with news of her successor in due course.

Best wishes,

Charlie Guthrie

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