Blog week ending 8th February

Posted on: 08/02/2019

GCSE Music students are developing and finessing their exam piece compositions.  Mr Palmer supports the students as they play and record musical elements, and use specialist software as an aid to structure and to save their composition. 

Our Y10 Food Technology GCSE students have been making panna cotta and raspberry coulis as they learn about dairy.  The recipe was a technical one, requiring a high level of skill to master working with gelatin as a setting agent.  For the plating and presentation students perfected piping, colouring and garnishes.



Year 7 Science students have been investigating the difference between chemical and physical changes with a series of practical experiments.  Prior to each experiment they predicted the results then tested their hypotheses, recording their observations.

Following the practical element of the lesson students were challenged to respond the statement; “Chemical reactions?” says Rick.  “They’re all bangs and bad smell”, explaining why it is wrong.