Blog week ending 25th January

Posted on: 25/01/2019

Year 7 Science students have been studying chemical reactions.  In this practical lesson students undertook a series of experiments to investigate the signs to show that a chemical reaction had taken place.  Following a demonstration by Miss Horsley students carried out three separate experiments then recorded and evaluated their findings.

Spelling Bee – as part of the inter-house competitions Mrs Rowson held a Y10 Spelling Bee competition.  In the first round we lost one Speller from Stevenson, Brunel and Newton House and in the second round both Darwinians crashed out. In the Third round the Spelling Contest was lost and won. Stevenson lost Faris for being distracting whilst a Speller was giving their response to leave just one Speller from Newton, Stevenson and Brunel. Jacob B went out first, then Theo S-G went out leaving the final speller Will S to spell the final word and become the overall winner for Telford House!

Thank you to all students who took part (below) and to our lively group of house supporters!

  1. Will S – Telford
  2. Faris A – Telford
  3. Theo S-G – Newton
  4. Chryspin – Newton 
  5. Oliver R - Stevenson
  6. Jacob B – Brunel
  7. Max F – Darwin
  8. Michael A – Darwin

Congratulations to our winners pictured below.  First Place Will S of Telford, Second Place Jacob B of Brunel and third place to Oliver R of Stevenson

Mrs Rowson