Blog week ending 16th November

Posted on: 16/11/2018

Our staff and students really embraced the spirit and generosity of BBC Children in Need.  Specially themed activities took place across the school with every department getting involved and highlighting the many children’s organisations and projects that benefit from the charity. The day kicked off with a special Pyjama cross-country run with students (and staff!) sporting a fabulous range of nightwear.  Other activities included a teacher competition; where Mrs Jackman took on Mr Watson in a ‘dangling donut challenge’ and a WGSB Bake-Off pancake making.  The incredibly brave Mr Powell, Mr Harris and Mr Smith had their legs waxed by students (not for the faint-hearted!) Strangely, this item proved immensely popular with the students! 

It was a great day in support of a charity close to all of our hearts and I was greatly moved by the enthusiasm of our students to get involved and help make a difference for those less fortunate than themselves.


Mr Smith was the victor!

Year 9 Geography students travelled to Swanage in Dorset on a residential fieldwork trip.  The coastal study sites included Studland Bay, Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door all part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.  Students spent time studying geological time and coastal processes as well as collecting field data for further investigation in the classroom.  The students hiked to a number of sites including the chalk downlands of Ballard Down where they saw Old Harry Rock which stands in the sea off end of the down – thank goodness we were so lucky with the weather!

Year 13 Design Engineer Construct Industry Visits. Students were visited by two structural engineers from Walsh, as well as some CAD engineers from Whitecode to view their construction projects. The students presented their projects to the experts and received expert feedback as to how they can improve their building design as well as make their projects more structurally sound. This was a fantastic learning experience for the students and they now have to add in both the buildings structure and services such as water and drainage.

The students also had the opportunity to use a thermal imaging camera which Whitecode brought with them so they understood where heat is lost and retained in a building. The students had some fun measuring each other’s body temperatures to see who the warmest student was!

Y11 GCSE Chemistry students are currently studying ‘Monitoring and Controlling Chemical Reactions’.  This practical lesson saw them exploring how changes in concentration can affect the rate of reactions by a method involving the production of a gas.