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Posted on: 28/09/2018

The Year 9 inter-house Kwik Cricket competition was a hotly contested one.  Two games played with Telford winning against Darwin and Newton securing the points against Brunel.  Well done to all who took part.

Thanks to Emmanuel M, Reece H and Elliot P for running the competition.

Congratulations to the winners of our Year 7 inter-house Rubiks Cube competitions.  After a 3-way tie between all rounds of the competition, Darwin took the lead with a dramatic Newton vs Telford going into extra time for 2nd place. Brunel and Stevenson absent, -10 points!

Thanks to Lewis F and Henry W for running the competition.

This week, Y12 A Level Media Studies students have been developing their practical media production skills whilst applying their newly gained understanding of narrative theory.  Their task is to produce a coherent narrative that follows Todorov’s Equilibrium structure.  Here we can see them turning their storyboarded ideas into carefully constructed shots which they will later edit using high-end video production software.  They will also add in visual and sound effects, and title sequences, to achieve an engaging media product.


Second Hand Uniform.  Our PTA have second hand uniform available to sell at very reasonable prices.  All of the items are in very good condition and they have all sizes available.  If you wish to purchase any items please contact

Following our success designing a robot for the Greenwich University challenge a team of 4 Year 11 students had the opportunity to develop and build ‘Geoff’.

Within the rules we were required to have a wooden shell for our robot to keep all schools on an even level when it came to the equipment they had available for manufacture.  Our weight limit was 13.5kg and our motors, controllers and batteries were supplied by the university so everyone was equal.

During the building stages Geoff evolved, acquiring a lifting scoop that could flip and push Geoff out of trouble.  He could run inverted and was extremely fast within the confines of the arena.

The semi-finals were held at Greenwich University Chatham Campus overseen by the Extreme Robots team.  Our robot was a strong contender and we were complimented on our choice of design and innovative fixing brackets that were holding the motors centrally to keep our ground clearance as low as possible no matter which way we were running.

The battles were brutal with the house robots wading in if they suspected you were immobilised, for some teams the pit was beckoning. Geoff fought valiantly in both battles, putting an impressive performance flipping and spinning across the arena.  He sustained slight damage, and we thought we might get through on style and aggression but sadly it was all to no avail.  We were beaten on points by worthy opponents which included CO2 flippers and curved contours.

Congratulations still go to the team for their persistence and dedication to getting the robot to the semi-finals and there well deserved trophy.

There will be more news later about how to get involved in next year’s event.



7B Science students have been learning about cell structure and function.  They have made and labelled these wonderful 3D model cells as part of the project.  All of the projects are currently on display in the old staff room.



Mrs Regan our WG6 Student Manager took part in the Shine Walk 2018 which is a 26.2mile marathon through the streets of London, through the night!  She took part with her sister, and their team ‘Team Sister Blister’ in memory of their brother, and all those affected by cancer.  They have already raised £1,340 for Cancer Research UK.  Despite the blisters and achy knees they are already planning to take part next year!!


Best wishes,

Charlie Guthrie

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