Week ending 9th March 2018

Posted on: 09/03/2018

Dear Parents, Carers,

We have enjoyed having the students back in school and they have been working hard to catch up on time missed due to the snow. The pace of work continues, with students working before school, after school and during lunch breaks to ensure that they are ready for the exams at the end of the year. This approach to learning and the determination being shown are impressive. One aspect of learning that we are considering very closely at the moment is how we can support the boys to become more resilient and efficient when studying independently. I will be holding the next Parent Clinic on Wednesday 21st March, looking at Supporting Learning and look forward to having another fruitful discussion.

 Our new toilets are now open, and look so much better than the old ones! When you visit the school you will also notice that the reception area has had a refresh. We look forward to seeing Year 8 parents next Thursday (15th March) and Year 11 on Monday 19th March for their final consultation before the GCSE exams.

Enjoy the weekend

Art Club

Students in the Art Club are currently making stop motion puppets.


Pens Down Day

On Wednesday 21st February the school council put together a ‘Pens Down Day’ programme for all students.  Students were given tasks and experiences which allowed them to take their learning further, without having to write anything down, the experience of having normal lessons but through a practical experience.

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I am delighted to inform you that through our links with the Charlton Athletic Community Trust and the National Citizenship Service (NCS) that we are able to offer, on occasion, complimentary tickets to watch Charlton Athletic Football Club.

The school has worked in collaboration for a number of year now, with the Charlton Athletic Community Trust through many educational and support programmes.

If you would like to have the opportunity to attend a complimentary game at Charlton Athletic, please check your emails from the school office and complete the reply slip at the bottom of the letter.  Tickets will be offered at short notice and that the school will not be represented in any way at the games.

Maths Homework Club

Every Thursday after school the Maths department run a homework club.  It’s great to see so many students taking up this up! 



Yr 11 Motivational Speaker

On Monday 19th February we had a guest note speaker come into school to deliver a presentation to our Year 11 students, assisting them with their revision for the Summer exams.  




Best wishes,

Charlie Guthrie

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