Week ending 15th December 2017

Posted on: 15/12/2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

This is our final blog of 2017 and there has been plenty going on in school. A host of activities – celebration assemblies, rewards trips, the wonderful Christmas concert, Christmas dinner, the Year 7 carol concert, the memorial rugby match have all been taking place alongside the sports fixtures and lessons. Today Year 11 received their Mock results in an assembly that replicated what it will feel like when the real results are released in August. We are pleased with the progress they are making but, with the new GCSEs there remains a lot of work to do.

I have really enjoyed my first full term as Headteacher and I am pleased at the progress we are making together. There remains a lot of work for us to do in order for the students at Wilmington to be the very best they can. We will start again in January with a renewed focus on ensuring that progress, effort and behaviour are as good as they can be. We will also be launching a new school website in the new year as part of our drive to improve not only how the school markets itself but also how we communicate with parents and with the broader community.

It only remains for me to wish each and every one of you a peaceful and happy Christmas. I would like to that all of the staff for the huge efforts they go to in providing  the very best education they can for the students we are so fortunate to be able to teach. Thank you too, to you as parents and carers. Your support is so vital in allowing our boys to thrive in the way they do. In continuing to work together the school will become even more successful.

If you would like to contact me, my email address is cguthrie@wgsb.org.uk

With very best wishes

Charlie Guthrie


This week the school has seen its fair share of Christmas festivities. After a very long academic term it is always lovely to see the staff and students enjoying the festive season.

On Monday evening we had our joint Christmas service at St Michael's Church, Wilmington, with WGSG.  A beautiful performance by our students to get us in the Christmas spirit.

Our Year 7 pupils went to a Christmas Service at St Michael’s Church and enjoyed hymns and music in the Church’s lovely setting.

Our canteen staff are always keen to celebrate any special event throughout the year and Christmas is no exception. On Thursday and Friday the whole school were able to get into the Christmas spirit with a full turkey dinner followed by mince pies, Christmas pudding or ice cream. The teaching staff hand out trays, cutlery and crackers and there is a real buzz in the canteen with Christmas music playing.


WGSB U16 basketball team held a home fixture against the Howard School U16 basketball team on Monday 11th December. It was a really tight game for the first 3 quarters and then in the final quarter WGSB stepped up their game and came away with a comfortable 45 – 30 victory. A former national coach came down to referee the game and has invited Peter and Sam to trial for a local team from their performance in the match. Mr Lynch would like to congratulate the boys on a really strong team performance and publicly thank Chris Manley from North Kent College for offering his expertise in refereeing the coach and support given to both teams.


  • Top points scorer : Deji (18)
  • Most blocks: Sam (8)
  • Most assists: Seyi (9)
  • Player of the Match: Peter A
  • Team : Peter A ©, Sam A, Mohammed I, Seyi S, Bishop O, Ada I, Lemme E, Deji O, Darren A, Bolu A


Year 9 have been learning to use the grid method to draw portraits.  Their project is called ‘Heroes’ and they have chosen people to draw who they consider to be their heroes.  There has been an interesting range of choices, from Mohammed Ali, to Martin Luther King, to Bill Gates, to ‘My Mum’.   Here are some examples of work by the students who have finished or nearly finished.  Most Year 9 students are still working on their portraits and will be completing them in the New Year.

A date for your diaries is the WGSB Winter Arts Festival on Thursday 8th February 2018, an evening of Art & Music.  There will be an exhibition of the best of the Year 7, 8 & 9 art work and musical performances.   A letter will follow at the beginning of Term 3.


So the final results for this term are:

Results Inter House Challenge

So there you have it! All participants deserve a well done for all their efforts and a particular mention to all the members of staff and sixth form helpers who made it all possible.

A few stats: 

  • 315 Games/Competitions were played
  • 250 Students participated
  • Year 7 to 11 attendance of the events was 95%

A few of the events to look forward to next term include Dodge-ball and Chess!


It is always encouraging to see many of our students from all year groups being selected to go on the end of term rewards trip. Students have been visiting Jump Giants in Lakeside this week and all of the boys have had an amazing time.


The last week and being so close to Christmas has been rather nostalgic. I finished university in July and within two days starting freelancing as a journalist. I landed my dream role as Assistant News Editor at ITV News and have recently started working at Channel 5 News too. The hard work and persistence has paid off, but it got me thinking about where it all started...

This week, I planned and produced a story about homeless people a part of ITV's 'Inspiring Britain' campaign. A 6-year-old boy, Frankie from Bethnal Green was worried about the homeless being cold in the winter and over Christmas. He set a £250 target to raise money to buy gifts for the homeless but managed to raise over a £1000.  He has managed to raise over £5500 after the show aired and support is still pouring in. 

I followed Frankie and his family on their journey to distribute these gifts. It was a truly heartwarming and selfless act. I learnt that Frankie's biggest privilege was being surrounded by people who loved and supported him. He was caring and kind because his supportive family and his surroundings had allowed him to do so. It is a false conception, that all homeless people are addicts. Unfortunately, people fall through the net and all too often run out of opportunities. 

I certainly wouldn't be doing what I am without the support from my family and friends. However, I will never under estimate the massive role Wilmington Grammar played and neither should you. We often mistake criticism for moaning. If a teacher is taking the time to be talking to you about your homework being late- it is ultimately because they care. If your Mum and Dad are quizzing you about how well your doing in school- it is because they want what's best for you. 

It was a true pleasure to watch Frankie put a smile on the face of our most vulnerable members of society. I think we all need to work a bit harder and spread more smiles. 

Merry Christmas, 

Amie Stone 
Class of 2014

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