Departmental Staff List


Deputy Headteacher

Assistant Headteacher

Assistant Headteacher

Director of Sixth Form

Director of Learning

Director of Learning

Mr A Williamson

Mr D Knights

Mrs D Jackman

Mr G Jackson

Mr C Sexton

Mr M Baker

Mrs M Hollebon


A warm welcome from the Senior Leadership Team

The WGSB Senior Leadership Team, known as the SLT is made up of seven staff whom each possess their own specialist skills and experience but combine together to form a well balanced team with a shared ethos of personal care and academic excellence.

Mr Andy Williamson (Ma Ed., BSc, NPQH) - Headteacher

Mr Williamson was born in Kent but started his teaching career in London before returning to the county to become Assistant Principal and then Vice Principal in a highly successful Technology College. Prior to joining Wilmington he worked as a Senior Secondary Adviser in Kent and has a real interest in exploring new and innovative approaches in order to raise all aspects of achievement in young people.

Mr David Knights (B Ed, BA, NPQH) – Deputy Headteacher, Curriculum & Staff Development

A long standing member of the school’s SLT, Mr Knights has an impressive understanding of the school, its staff and its students alike. An excellent Maths teacher and highly skilled in his use of ICT, Mr Knights has responsibility for all aspects of the school’s curriculum including timetabling as well as training and supporting the staff. He is also a keen musician.


Mrs Denise Jackman (M.A English) – Assistant Headteacher, Learning Experience

Mrs Jackman has the very important role of leading and monitoring the pedagogy that takes place in lessons and helping develop student’s learning and progress inside and outside of the classroom. An excellent English teacher, she is also responsible for overseeing students in Years 10 and 11. Mrs Jackman can often be found at lunchtimes in Film Club and also enjoys listening to live music when any free time is found away from either school or looking after her young family.

Mr Gareth Jackson (B.SC Hons Geography & Sports Science) – Assistant Headteacher, Care & Support

Mr Jackson has been teaching for a total of 9 years, the past three have been at WGSB, his previous schools were in Bexley and London, teaching PE and Geography. Mr Jackson is in charge of care and support as well as extended schools and is the teacher in charge of rugby and the deputy CPO. Mr Jackson is a keen sportsman, taking part in sports such as football, golf, skiing and running the London Marathon, he recently led the Rugby Tour to Italy.

Mr Charles Sexton (BA Geography Hons)– Director of Sixth Form

With a vast knowledge and understanding of the transition from Year 11 through Post 16 Education into University or career employment, Mr Sexton is in charge of the school’s Sixth Form. The continual growth of the Sixth Form over the last five years to over 200 students is recognition itself of his talents and in the February half term, without fail, Mr Sexton can be found stylishly speeding down the ski slopes of Europe or America.

Mr Mark Baker (BSc (Hons) in Sports Science) – Director of Key Stage 3

Mr Baker leads by example in the classroom with a creative and innovative approach to his lessons which have produced some outstanding results over the years. He has been a member of the school now for seven years and got his first promotion as a Head of Year at the age of 23. Mr Baker has been responsible for developing the school’s extra-curricular programme over the past four years which now offers students over 35 different activities to choose from in an academic year. He is the current Snowsports party leader for the school and is a lover of all sports with his three major passions being that of snowboarding, football, and golf.

Mrs Marion Hollebon (BSc (Hons) Biochemistry, MA (Education) – Director of Key Stage 4

Mrs Hollebon has been at the school since 1998. She is a member of the Science department, specialising in Biology. Her passion is for every student to be able to reach their potential and overcome any barriers which are in the way. This is reflected in the roles that she has held within the school including SENco, teacher in charge of Biology and Head of Year.

Mrs Suzanne Lawford – School Business Manager

Has worked in education since 1994 and has been a LA Governor since 2004. Mrs Lawford is responsible for Finance, Buildings and Grounds, Catering and the Support Staff.



Art & Design

Mrs L Wisdom -
Mr A Watson -
Miss M Gubbins -

Mrs M Gray -

Mr D Harney -
Mr D Knights -
Mrs R Whitmarsh -
Mr C Palmer -

Mr A Pope -

Miss H Lacey -
Business studies/Economics

Mr J Harper -
Modern Forgeign Languages
Mr D Chidlow -
Miss B Chambers -
Mr J Colledge -
Mrs C Adams -

Mrs S Allen -

Mr J Fierros -
Mrs G Deicher -

Mr C Love -

Mr T Sparrow -
Physical Education
Mr R Anderson -
Mr A Smith -

Mr M Baker -

Mr J Harris -

Design and Technology

Mr G Jackson -

Mr D Brooker -

Mr S Benwell -

Mr S Baker -

Miss S Alcock -

Mrs J Smith -

Miss S Tame -
Mr K Wade -

Mr P Hollingsworth -

Mr N Winter -

Mrs J Callaghan -

Mrs C Beauchamp -

Mr R Anderson -

Miss A Kemp -
English & Drama

Mrs M Hollebon -

Miss S Evans -
Miss L Leon -

Ms A Russell -

Dr M Musami -

Ms C Kenny -
Mr R Roberst -
Miss K Calvert - 

Ms A Russell -

Mr J E Malcomson -

Mrs D Jackman -

Media Studies

Mrs D Mcluckie -

Humanities & Ethos

Mr P Riches -
Social Sciences
Mr C Sexton -
Miss Lauren Bedford -

Mr B Slight -

Heads of House

Mr D Chidlow - Brunel -

Mr J Wrigley -

Miss H Lacey - Darwin -

Mrs G Rutter -

Miss A Shohid -

Mr S Benwell - Newton

Mr P Jarrett - Stevenson

Mr R Anderson - Telford -

Religious & Social Education

Ms D

All Head of Departments are marked in bold

Miss L Stibbons -

Student Managers

Miss N Mager - Student Manager Years 7,10,

Mrs K Cast - Student Manager Years 8,9 -

Specialist Leader in Education

Miss Sarah Evans