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With WGSB Enrichment happening this is what the students are getting up to with their chosen activities... Read more


A warm welcome to Wilmington Grammar School for Boys. I hope you find this website a good demonstration of the caring environment, high academic expectations and focus on innovation and engineering that are the core beliefs of the school.

Wilmington Grammar School for Boys (often referred to as WGSB) is an extremely considerate school with a wonderful learning environment and atmosphere. This correlates with my own personal ethos that schools should be a centre for respect and enjoyment, for both students and staff, which in turn facilitates the opportunity for high quality learning and achievement to take place.

The key focus for ensuring our students gain the best possible education is to provide them with the highest quality teaching within the best learning environments. Continually developing the quality of their teaching and pedagogy is the number one priority for all our staff. The school's senior leadership team prioritises  their attention to supporting what is happening day by day in the classroom and there is a relentless focus on continually raising standards and expectations which is equally endorsed and monitored by the school's governing body. The staff and students continually rise to the challenge. For the last two years, the students' results have placed the school in the top 20% for achievement compared to other similar grammar schools.


Whether you are searching for information, just browsing to see what the students have been achieving or about to enter the Student Learning Zone to read your report or develop your learning, thank you for taking the time to share an interest in the school and its young people.



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Mr Andy Williamson