Uniform & Equipment

School uniform is to be worn by all students whilst at school and during journeys to and from School and on other school occasions.  Blazers must normally be worn at all times, unless a teacher gives permission for it to be removed, a blue v-neck jumper that is available to buy at school may be worn underneath.  Hooded tops and cardigans are not allowed.  Shirts should be tucked in trousers at all times and all the buttons should remain fastened, the appropriate house tie must be worn and should be knotted at the neck and the tie should rest on the belt-line.  Staff will not allow students into their lessons until they are looking smart and will ensure they look well presented when they leave.

Items marked * should be purchased through the School’s Finance Office which sells them at a discounted price.  Other items are available from outfitters listed.

Uniform Order/Price List

Years 7-11

  • Navy blue singled-breasted blazer (with the school badge on the breast pocket)
  • House tie*
  • Plain white shirt
  • Black leather shoes with a black hard sole
  • Plain dark grey/charcoal trousers
  • Navy blue V-necked pullover with school badge*
  • Dark socks
  • Outdoor coats: these should not be bulky as they are to be stored in the owner’s locker during the school day.


Student's hair must be in a style and of a length that reflects the professional and academic nature of the school.  Haircuts and styles should be moderate and should not cover the student's eyes. Hair should not be bleached, tinted or shaved in any way.  Facial hair in the form of beards and moustaches is not permitted in Years 7 - 11 and may only be of a short and smart appearance in the Sixth Form.  The wearing of jewellery is forbidden.

PE Kit

  • Navy blue shorts*
  • Navy blue shirt*
  • White socks
  • Trainers (which are predominantly white)

Games Kit

  • Navy blue Rugby Shorts*
  • Navy blue with gold panel rugby shirt*
  • Hooped navy blue and gold socks*
  • Football/rugby boots
  • Shin Pads
  • Mouth Guard

Protective Clothing

A laboratory coat must be provided for practical work in Science and Technology.  This can be purchased via the School at a discounted price.  An overall (possibly in the form of an old long-sleeved shirt) is needed for Art.

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